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How to Throw a Great Backyard Party

Throwing a backyard party is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Whether you have a largeor small backyard living space, there are a few simple steps you can take to turn it into an entertainment area everyone will enjoy coming to.

Firepit for Patio

Prep Your Grill

Your grill hasn’t been used since last summer and most likely has plenty of caked-on gunk. Clean it by burning off excess food and grease for 15 minutes. Once the grill is no longer hot (but still warm), brush off any loose particles with a steel grill brush. Depending on whether you are using a gas or charcoal grill, make sure you have plenty of fueling supplies to cook enough food for all your guests.

Supply Comfortable Seating

Make sure you have enough seating for all your guests, especially if want them to stay a while. If you don’t have enough patio furniture, you can use folding chairs, benches or stools. Folding chairs can easily be rented for around $2 a piece from a local party rental store. Toss in some brightly colored throw pillows to make the space more festive.

Set the Mood With the Right Lighting

Lighting is not only important for setting the mood but also for safety reasons. If your party is nearing the evening hours, strings lights on the deck or from tree branches. If you have a pool, float tea lights in the water. You can also place candles on the tables, tiki torches around the yard or hand out glow sticks to the kids. Another great option is a fire pit. It’s a great place to gather around and give the party an all around summer vibe.

Keep Pesky Mosquitoes Away

Don’t let mosquitoes crash your summer party, or guests may not stick around ‘til dessert. Here are a few ways to keep those unwanted pests away.

  • Get rid of standing water. Mosquitoes breed in these areas and after a long rain, the problem could worsen. About a week before the party, empty items like kiddie pools, gutters, storage areas and flowerpots of any standing water.
  • Keep fans nearby. Mosquitoes tend to be weak flyers, so a fan will easily blow away the annoyance. This idea works best in small areas like around a deck or table. It’s also great for keeping bugs off the potato salad!
  • Light scented candles. More specifically, light citronella and calendula candles.
  • Use bug spray or wipes. This is the easiest way to stop mosquitoes in their tracks. Stash a basket of items near the back door (away from the food) for guests to easily access when needed.  

Stock a Beverage Station

On a warm day, don’t let your guests walk around empty handed. Set up a beverage station that can be frequently visited and is well stocked with plenty of water and ice. Keep a variety of different drinks to pick from like ice tea, soda, beer, lemonade or mixed drinks.

Offer Entertainment

Every backyard party needs some form of entertainment, like music and games. Stick with the classics when it comes to music (unless you have a specific party theme) and keep the music upbeat with songs that are recognizable. Plan for the playlist to last about five hours. As for the games, try some of the popular ones like Cornhole, Horseshoes, Ladderball or a giant Jenga set. Go the extra mile and set up a photo booth with a fun background.
Now that you have the basics to throwing a great backyard party, you have no excuse not to wow your guests. They may even ask when the next party will be! Get a head start on your backyard party set up with our outdoor patio furniture.